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Catapult launched gliders are great fun!

This model is 15" (380mm) wing span.

This simple, semi-scale, jet style glider can be hand thrown to fly in your back yard. Or go to a larger space and use the included
catapult to launch this jet high and fast! Careful adjustments are the way to get the best out of a catapult glider. That will teach
you trimming skills, which is a vital part of the fun and enjoyment of flying model aircraft.

You will receive a kit of accurate laser cut parts to build one glider. The parts will be cut from 1/8", 3/23", and 1/16" thick, selected
balsa wood. The included catapult handle kit is easily built from the 1/8" plywood parts. Two lengths of high quality rubber strip are

Both the glider and the catapult kit are easy to build following step-by-step online instructions found HERE.

To complete the kit you will need, superglue or wood glue, a craft knife, fine sandpaper, a dime and/or modelling clay for balancing,
acrylic paint or marker pens for decoration.


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