The BANSHEE hull kit.

12-1/2" (315mm) long class legal Footy hull. For the sails, you can choose the MMD OPUS rig, a MacRig, or your favourite una rig.

Banshee is designed for 2 channel radio control. A mini servo controls the sails and a micro size servo controls the rudder.
You control the sail position and the rudder just like on the full size craft.
Price $120 + shipping (BANSHEE hull kit only)  
Shipping is for the USA only. Please email for other destinations  
Banshee uses the unique MMD (formerly ScaleSailing) foam core construction system. You can easily build a strong and attractive wooden
boat with this method. The construction is based on an accurate foam core which you cover with thin plywood and balsa panels to form the
hull. An added advantage of the foam core system is that your boat is unsinkable!

Most parts are laser cut for accuracy and ease of use. Some basic model building skills are required.

Comprehensive step-by-step building instructions can be viewed or downloaded HERE.
Hull Specifications:
Hull length................ 12 3/8" (315mm)
Max beam.................  3 1/2" (90mm)
Draft........................  approx. 7 3/4" (195mm)
Hull weight with R/C...  approx. 14.7oz (419g) with recommended installation
Lead bulb weight........  8.2oz (234g)
The Banshee hull kit includes;
MMD foam core, laser cut high grade 1/32" plywood hull bottom, deck, and keel. 1/32" balsa sides and transom.
Laser cut servo tray, rudder, hatch, and many other parts. Ballast weight, rigging thread, and hull fittings.

Note: The keel weight is lead. After handling lead your hands should be washed thoroughly.
Lead should be painted once installed on the model to reduce future contact.
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