The OPUS rig kit for the Banshee. This sail rig will plug straight into the Banshee hull. It is a good size for light to medium
winds. Drop the "mast" pivot into the tube in the hull, make one rigging line connection, and it's ready to sail. The rig is quickly built from
the materials provided in this kit.

Price $35 with free shipping
(Free shipping is for the USA only. Please email for other destinations)

The OPUS rig was inspired by the una rig on the Laser dinghy. The curved mast on the Laser is shaped by the sail pocket. The OPUS rig
creates the mast curve with a backstay instead which allows the mast to be shaped independently of the sail, thus allowing some sail
camber control. There is little to no flex at the base and boom mounting so all of the flex and gust reaction is handled by the flexible
carbon mast and the sail itself.

Rig Specifications:
Mast height above deck..... 24" (610mm)
Boom length.................... 12 1/4" (310mm)
Sail area.........................  approx. 140 (9.04 dm.sq.)
Weight inc. sail...............  0.6oz (19g)
The OPUS rig kit includes:
Flexible carbon fiber mast, carbon fiber boom, carbon mast head, pre-bent mast pivot wire, sailcloth (0.75oz sealed ripstop nylon),
sail reinforcing material, silicone tubing, rigging thread, and fittings.

Comprehensive step-by-step building instructions will be available to view or download. Link provided with rig purchase.

For further information on tuning your OPUS rig see the ARTICLES page.
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